Sunday, April 16, 2017

Khairi Fortt Coming to a Small Screen Near You

Washington Redskins linebacker Khairi Fortt may not be a household name to NFL fans, but he will soon tackle a big endeavor. No, the second part is not copied from a fortune cookie.

Fortt, 25, will portray the late Redskins legend Sean Taylor on an Investigation Discovery program. He auditioned for the part last year, and ironically, the role of Taylor's father (Pedro) will be played by Fortt's father, Guy Fortt. The show, titled "The Perfect Murder," incorporates real-life interviews and reenactments of homicide cases to detail how detectives solve intricate mysteries.

Taylor's death occurred nearly a decade ago, on November 27, 2007, when intruders entered his Miami home attempting to steal money. Taylor and his girlfriend, Jackie Garcia Haley, were awakened by loud noises, which prompted Taylor to grab a machete for protection. Garcia Haley and their then-18-month old daughter hid under the bedding. An armed intruder broke into the bedroom, confronting the NFL star by firing two shots—the first one missed, but not the second.

The femoral artery in Taylor's leg was severely damaged from the bullet, leading to significant blood loss. He went into a coma and never regained consciousness; dying one day later. Only 24 years old, Taylor was a family man with a promising football career ahead of him.