Monday, June 26, 2017

Getting to Know Brandon Scherff

Brandon Scherff, the Washington Redskins' fifth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, is quite the outdoorsman.

Pop Quiz! Is the following statement fact or fiction regarding the 25-year-old lineman?

When not mauling opponents' defensive linemen, Scherff enjoys time with Mother Nature; bird watching, smelling flowers, and wine tasting at local vineyards—among other things of that nature (excuse the terrible pun.)

The correct answer is both: fact and fiction. Though it has not been verified that Scherff actually enjoys birds, flowers, and vineyards, it can be confirmed that he's an avid hunter and fisherman.


While many would describe an ideal vacation as somewhere tropical; relaxing on the sand, overpaying for hotels, and sipping out of coconuts, Scherff envisions a different scene. His ideal getaway is a Texas hunting excursion where he can shoot wild boars from a helicopter.

Further proof?

The Iowa Hawkeye skipped his college graduation to go deer hunting.

More recently in Scherff's outdoor adventures, he and fellow teammate Tress Way were out golfing. Seems safe, right? Wrong.

Thanks to Way and his savvy Twitter skills, he displayed a photo of Scherff holding a large snapping turtle by its tail. Not only that, but Scherff looks perfectly calm in doing so.

Perhaps the prehistoric-looking creature heard what Scherff is capable of, and decided to play dead.

Good thing he's not holding a watermelon.